We use Veeam Endpoint Backup and the best part is, it’s totally FREE for PC!  https://www.veeam.com/windows-endpoint-server-backup-free.html

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Over the years I’ve dealt with a number of users telling me they have good backups.  But when we go to recover we realize backups are years out of date!  If you don’t have anything important on your computer and simply use it to access the web – great, you don’t need a backup.  For the rest of us we have irreplaceable photographs, music, business information,  etc.  Backups are often an afterthought and a costly one at that!  For a second, imagine your storage drive failed in your computer.  Would you be scared?  If so, there’s no reason not to get a backup drive and have some good backup software to back it up.

Granted, this is only for endpoints and not for server backups, but it works great, has email notifications, and does full disk-level drive backups.  So, if your drive fails you can restore it completely and not have to worry about losing sensitive info.  You also don’t have to worry about reinstalling programs or saved passwords, etc.  Since it is a disk level, EVERYTHING gets backed up.  You should also be familiar with your backup software and know how to check to make sure it’s getting done properly.  Something we handle with Compucare.

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