Over the last couple months, we’ve dealt with an increasing number of users that are calling “Microsoft” numbers or are getting calls from “Microsoft.”  It can be an easy mistake and here’s why.  Remote scammers will literally say anything you want to hear.  They will offer to remote into your computer for free, then they will proceed to install malicious software and show you fake error messages to trick you into thinking your PC needs their help.  They will then proceed to try to extrapolate money from you in any way possible.  They have also been known to steal information that is not encrypted on your computer.  I’ve listed some important things to keep in mind when trying avoid the pitfall.  Recently, we analyzed some of the “software” that these scammers have used, and the results were that the application was just a progress bar claiming to be “optimizing your computer,” but wasn’t actually doing anything at all other than moving the progress bar!  Stay Safe Everyone

  1. Microsoft doesn’t generally just call average end users.
  2. Don’t ever call a number that comes up on your computer and claims to be Microsoft.
  3. Just because it says Microsoft when you google’d it doesn’t mean it’s actually Microsoft’s phone number.
  4. When someone or something (website, popups, etc) claims to be Microsoft or a Microsoft affiliate, question it and don’t assume ANYTHING.
  5. When you get a popup similar to the one pictures, save your important work and reboot your computer.  Chances are that it was just a popup window within your web browser.
  6. If you’re unsure, give us a ring.  We assist with small issues like this all the time, often we provide the simple directions above and give you some peace of mind.