So, we’ve been faced with a large amount of incoming calls today.  Apparently malwareybtes has released an update that is causing memory leaks and screeching computers to a halt.  If you are affected by the update your PC will become slower and slower over the course of about 20 minutes until it becomes unusable.  A reboot will buy you another 20 minutes, but won’t solve the issue.  We love malwarebytes, and we’re sure the admins will release a patch shortly.  For the time being we are asking our clients to either uninstall or temporarily disable malwarebytes until a patch has been released.  I’ve provided step by step instructions to temporarily disable the memory leaking service.

Have  Great weekend everyone!

Malwarebytes issue/ticket:

Steps to disable the malwarebytes service:

  1. Click Start
  2. Type “RUN”
  3. Press Enter (a run dialog box should popup)
  4. In the dialog box type “services.msc” (without thew quotes)
  5. Press Enter
  6. Scroll the the services list until you see “Malwarebytes Service” it may also show up as “MBAMService”
  7. Right-Click the service and click properties
  8. Click the recovery tab
  9. Change First, Second, and Subsequent failures to “Take No Action”
  10. Apply and Click OK
  11. Restart your Computer
  12. In a day or so check for malwarebytes updates

Here is a helpful picture to guide the way: