You probably got used to ads loading that you are almost immune to looking at them as you browse online.  Well, i’m about to show you FREE plugin that you can load that will stop ads from coming up on every web page you visit.  It even eliminates the commercials between youtube videos!  It’s actually really simple to install and easy to use.  See instructions below.

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Simply download the uBlock Origin for your browser below and enable it.  Once enabled you should get a little shield up in the corner of your browser.  

The little number on the shield indicates the number of ads/popups it has blocked.  Give it a try!  Even if the ads aren’t visible on certain pages, just stopping them from loading will allow your browser to load the important content that you want to see first!

NOTE:  Sometimes sites you want to allow popups or ads may need to get through ublock. To disable ublock for a page simply click on the shield and click the giant blue power button.  This will disable ublock ONLY for that specific page.

Download ublock by following the links below for your favorite browser.  If your favorite browser is not on the list….sorry 🙁

For Google Chrome:

For Mozilla Firefox:

Microsoft Edge: