Single-Band, Dual-Band, Wireless (B/G/N/AC), 20Mhz/40Mhz, Wi-Fi Channel, SSID, Encryption (WPA2), MIMO, Wi-Fi Range, Interference, Repeaters.

Just a few terms you might see when purchasing a new router.

If you’re looking to upgrade your router or just not getting the speeds you think you should be getting, swing by and talk with us.  We can help you make a confident purchase.

Are you paying for fast internet speeds, but not getting the results you expected?  Maybe there is just one spot in your house or company that’s a dead zone?  Router advertising can be confusing when trying to pick out your next router.  If you really don’t fully understand the technology behind Wi-Fi and all the terminology that goes along with it, let us help.  We’re able to get things moving and make sure you have connection in every area that you need it.  Making sure your Wi-Fi isn’t conflicting with other networks in range and ensuring that your connecting at the right speeds and getting what you’re already paying for!  We can explain it every step of the way so that you feel confident in your network and the results you’re getting!