IT Solutions and Cyber Security for Accounting Firms

Experience premier IT solutions and cybersecurity services with Computition. We safeguard your accounting firm’s sensitive data and streamline IT operations, empowering you to focus on core business strategies. Trusted by leading accounting firms across The U.S.
Welcome to Computition, the trusted choice for IT solutions and cyber security for the finance sector, including accounting firms. With our unique blend of expertise in both finance-specific software and advanced IT infrastructures, we assure your firm will excel in its digital performance while complying with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Cyber Security for Accountants: Peace of Mind for Your Business

In the world of accounting, confidentiality and security of client data is paramount. At Computition, we understand these concerns. With our cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, we help you safeguard your client’s sensitive data, bolster your firm’s reputation, and minimize the risk of costly security breaches.

We offer bespoke security protocols that are rigorously tested and refined to counter any cyber threats. As part of our service, we provide an incident response plan, ensuring swift and decisive action is taken in case of any security breaches, thereby mitigating damage and speeding recovery.

Compliance - Our Priority

Regulatory compliance in the financial sector is a critical concern. Computition provides compliance solutions that ensure your operations align with regulations such as SOX, GDPR, and CCPA, among others. Our proactive approach to regulatory changes keeps your firm ahead of the curve, averting penalties, and enhancing your reputation for due diligence.

Immutable Backups

We use state-of-the-art technology to provide immutable backups for your critical data. This means that once data is backed up, it can’t be altered or deleted, providing a fail-safe against any potential data loss or manipulation. Our disaster recovery plans further guarantee that in the event of any unforeseen circumstances, your business continuity remains unaffected.

Expertise in Drake, ProSeries, and QuickBooks...

Our team of expert IT professionals specializes in managing and optimizing Drake, ProSeries, and QuickBooks systems. With our comprehensive understanding of these platforms, we help streamline your accounting processes, minimize errors, and improve your service delivery. Whether it’s enhancing performance, troubleshooting issues, or facilitating seamless updates, Computition has got you covered.

Customized IT Solutions for Accountants

In addition to these services, we also offer a range of IT solutions tailored to the specific needs of accounting firms. From software integration and data analytics to cloud services and IT consulting, Computition offers comprehensive, scalable solutions that boost your firm’s operational efficiency and competitive advantage.

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