Traditional Hard Drives Vs.  Solid State Drives for data storage.

Most new computers today still ship out of the factory with traditional mechanical hard drives. (unless you buy a PC from us *wink*)  Why does it matter?  Well, these hard drives utilize the same style of technology that computers shipped out of the factory with 20 years ago!  So, processors, memory, and software are all moving rapidly and constantly increasing in speed and performance, but the one of the most overlooked areas is still outdated even on most new PCs!

Check out the picture and note that the mechanical drive has metal circles (platters).  These metal discs typically spin between 5400 and 7200RPMs – That’s fast!  As they spin there is a little metal arm that you can see that slides back and forth near the metal platters to read and write all of your important data (pictures, emails, etc).  These traditional drives allow for a LOT of storage and they still are king when it comes to HUGE file sizes, however they are substantially slower than a SSD.

On the right-side of the picture you can see the SSD (sorry about the hole, that’s how we ensure sensitive data is destroyed).  No moving parts, just memory chips.  This newer style of tech allows for much faster performance.  Faster operating system load times and less time waiting on your computer!  This is similar to the storage used in smart phones and small-profile devices.  This storage is faster, more reliable, and more bump/drop resistant than the traditional mechanical drives.